Welcome to The Northern Tango Academy!

Welcome to the Northern Tango Academy!  We are the only tango school in the UK to bring professional Argentine Tango dance couples directly from Argentina to teach for us throughout the year (rotating every three months).  We carefully chose some of the top young dancers and  teachers, who also include recent world champions, and we also ensure continuity by having the same teachers return regularly so that you get to know them well.  We very much look forward to sharing having you join our friendly tango family!   Private classes are also available with our professional teachers throughout the week, just send us an email!
Un fuerte abrazo, Dante Culcuy
Director of the Northern Tango Academy


Finally we are starting to have our full timetable, all the information is now in our website! 
You will be able to check our classes timetable and details for NOTTINGHAM - WEST YORKSHIRE - LIVERPOOL.
The quantity of people allowed in classes will vary in each city, it will depend on the size of the venue so please read carefully all the information. Also check at the end of this text about Manchester and York.
Some information about classes in general:
  • Classes fee: We had to increase our prices for the classes as we now have a limited number of students but still have a lot of expenses to cover so I hope you can understand that it was necessary, when everything gets back to normal we will of course reconsider coming back to previous fees.
  • Booking in advance is essential: Again, due the limited capacity we are forced to take bookings in advance only in order to guarantee the income we will cover in the class, if one couple can not make on the day it will represent a huge impact for us. Also now most of the venues are taking bookings per month and in advance, so we also had to change our method of drop in to monthly memberships. In most of the cities the prices are still £10 a class which is really a good price considering the current situation.
  • Payment method: We prefer bank transfer or we can send you a payment link to your mobile phone where you will be able to pay with your debit/credit card. We also accept cash or cheque if needed.
  • Masks: You are more than welcome to wear a mask during classes, although it is not necessary so it will be totally up to you, however our teachers will be wearing a visor during classes.
  • We will provide hand sanitizer at the entrance and during classes, please remember also to wash your hands before and after class. We will have a Track & Trace form that you have to fill up every time you assist to classes, we will keep this form for 14 days only and then we will destroy it, this is a requirement by law.
  • If you are feeling ill and have a temperature or symptoms of COVID-19 please stay at home.

If you don't feel comfortable yet to assist our classes in person but you feel like still learning and training, we have designed a Virtual Timetable as well, we will have three weekly classes via ZOOM including classes for couples, for followers and for leaders. You can still learn from us from the comfort of your own home, you will need a device with the zoom app, internet connection and a small space where you can do the class. The monthly membership is only £20 for three classes a week, it means that you will have access to at least 12 classes per month, making each class worth £1.66 !!! Check in this website our online classes.

At the moment we are still looking for a suitable and safe venue where we can host our classes, saying that we have just found a really nice dance venue but they only have availability on Sundays, we have never tried Sunday classes before, so if you are from that area and you think you might be able to join us on Sundays please let us know and help us make our mind and go ahead with it! 🙂

In York we have the same situation, our beautiful main venue is still closed, and although we have found another stunning venue, it is busy on Tuesdays which is our regular day, so they will let me know their availability, probably also weekends.

Diego and Giusy are available for one to one classes too, just contact them to arrange yours 🙂