We are the only tango schools in the UK to have professional Argentine Tango dance couples from Argentina teaching for us throughout the year (rotating every three months).  We carefully chose some of the top young dancers and  teachers, who also include recent world champions, and we also ensure continuity by having the same teachers return regularly so that you get to know them well.  


Successful young Argentine tango dancer, choreographer and teacher who have become known for his passion for teaching and dynamic and expressive performances. Over the last few years Dante have been invited to teach and perform across South & North America, Europe, Asia and Africa. He is currently based in the UK, with two thriving tango academies: The Northern Tango Academy and Oxford Tango Academy. Dante started tango in Jujuy, Argentina, where he also was studying ballet. He has been teaching tango for over ten years and has become recognised for his clear explanations of tango movements and technique and in depth-teaching methods.  Dante has been guest artist in tango schools, milongas and festivals across the world, including the Mallorca Tango Festival, Nottingham Tango Festival, Porto Tango Festival, Ulverston International Music Festival, Karlsruhe Festival, Che London Tango Festival and The International Book Fair Mexico 2015 as special guests representing the British Council. He has also been part of shows with important orchestras such as Tango Siempre, Aurora Orchestra and Daniel Melingo. He was finalist in the World Tango Championships in Buenos Aires in the category of Tango Salon (de pista) in 2015.  He ensures only the highest quality tango teaching and to this end are the only tango academies in the UK to have a team of professional resident teachers from Argentina. Talented couples are carefully selected to join the team, who are both exceptional dancers as well as strong teachers, in order to give you the best tango training.

Personal website: www.dantetango.com 
E-mail: dante.culcuy@gmail.com 

Meet The Northern Tango Academy team!

Matias Batista & Silvana Prieto
Guest Resident Teachers

Matias and Silvana are the Buenos Aires Metropolitan Tango Champions 2016.

It's a privilege for us to have this two amazing professionals as part of our team.  

Exequiel Relmuan & Barbara Ferreyra
Guest Resident Teachers

Barbara & Exequiel are a couple that are very well prepared to work in all tango styles, they were finalists in the Tango Worldchampionship in Buenos Aires not only in Tango Pista category but also Tango Stage! and in three occasions.

Luciano Millaqueo & Celeste Cimino
Guest Resident Teachers

Luciano Millaqueo & Celeste Cimino have been dancing together since 2011.  Their tango experience started many years when Celeste was 17 years old and Luciano was 15 years old.
They have participated in various championships in Buenos Aires including:
  •  Buenos Aires Metropolitan Championships 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 (finalists)
  • Championship "El Mundialito de Viva la Pepa" 2015 (second place)
  • Championship "La Cumbre Mundial del Tango" 2014 (second place)
  • Championship "La Cumbre Mundial del Tango" 2015 (third place)
  • Championship "Fruto Dulce Tangos" 2013 (finalists)
  • Championship "Lomas Baila Tango" 2011 & 2012 (finalists)

Their Maestros are: Tanguito Cejas & Genoveva Fernandez, Frank Obregon & Jeny Gil, Raul Bravo, Guillermina Quiroga, Christian Sosa, Jonathan Spitel & Betsabet Flores and Milena Plebs among others.  In the UK they have become well known for their excellent teaching, with a focus on core technique, and for their great personalities.