Meet The Northern Tango Academy team!

Pablo Martinez & Veronica Rue
Guest Resident Teachers

They have been performing and teaching together since the end of 2013 and were finalists in the World Championships in Tango Salon in 2014.  Veronica has a background in Argentine folklore, which she danced from a young age, before discovering tango at age 20.  She trained with well known teachers such as Fernando Galera & Vilma Vega, Melina Brufman & Claudio Gonzalez, Moira Castellano & Pablo Inza.  Pablo started training in tango in Jujuy, Argentina in 1999 and from 2003 was a popular teacher and dancer in important schools and shows across the region.  He learnt from maestros such as Roberto Herrera, Mario Morales and Tanguito Cejas, among others and was the 2013 Junior Tango Champion in Uruguay in 2013.  Since December 2014 Veronica & Pablo have been invited guest teachers for Miriam & Dante Tango and resident teachers at the York Tango Academy.  As well as teaching and performing in numerous festivals and events such as Karlsruhe Tango Festival, Germany, the 5th Tango Festival in La Paz, Bolivia, the Lancashire Tango Festival, Tango Festival Parque Patricios in Buenos Aires, The Tango Festival of San Telmo, Tango Cork and Waterford in Ireland, Tango Connection in Munich, Germany.  As a couple Veronica and Pablo are recognised for their musicality and elegance as well as their clarity in teaching and playful performances.

Julian Vilardo & Daniela Barria
Guest Resident Teachers

Daniela & Julian are from Patagonia, Argentina but they met in Buenos Aires in 2013.  After a season working in a tango production they decided to become tango partners to focus on their continuous growth together.  After six years living in Buenos Aires they have discovered how to combine the essential and inherent feel of the traditional tango embrace with their own experiences, knowledge from different teachers, and from 'The Milonga' itself, into a unique and beautiful dance expression. They are continually working on extending their technique: analysing the dance, not only in its form, but also developing their way of dancing and feeling the Tango.  They have been finalists in two prestigious competitions in Buenos Aires: in the World Tango Championships in 2013 and the 'Campeonato de Tango de la Ciudad' in 2014.  Throughout 2014 they have been teaching at Milonga10 and Club Fulgor de Villa Crespo in Buenos Aires as well as performing in the most important Milongas in Buenos Aires.  Julián and Daniela have more than 10 years of experience inside of the tango world and 3 years as a tango couple. After living in Buenos Aires they decide to gain experience teaching and performing in other countries: from March to September of 2015 they worked for Tango OK School as Teachers and Dancers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi (U.A.E.), where they also participated in the Dubai Tango Festival 2015. In October and November of the same year they made a tango tour to Germany (Berlín, Köln, Munich, Dresden), Denmark and Turkey.  They work in close and open embrace always inside of Tango Salón style, using the connection with the floor. The figures in their class are only used as a vehicle to develop the communication and connection between the couple inside of the Tango embrace.

Luciano Millaqueo & Celeste Cimino
Guest Resident Teachers

Luciano Millaque & Celeste Cimino have been dancing together since 2011.  Their tango experience started many years when Celeste was 17 years old and Luciano was 15 years old.
They have participated in various championships in Buenos Aires including:
  •  Buenos Aires Metropolitan Championships 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 (finalists)
  • Championship "El Mundialito de Viva la Pepa" 2015 (second place)
  • Championship "La Cumbre Mundial del Tango" 2014 (second place)
  • Championship "La Cumbre Mundial del Tango" 2015 (third place)
  • Championship "Fruto Dulce Tangos" 2013 (finalists)
  • Championship "Lomas Baila Tango" 2011 & 2012 (finalists)

Their Maestros are: Tanguito Cejas & Genoveva Fernandez, Frank Obregon & Jeny Gil, Raul Bravo, Guillermina Quiroga, Christian Sosa, Jonathan Spitel & Betsabet Flores and Milena Plebs among others.  In the UK they have become well known for their excellent teaching, with a focus on core technique, and for their great personalities.