Individual or couple private lessons
Our private lessons are designed to enrich and clarify your dancing and technique. That is why, in each individual class, we focus on those aspects of your dance which you would like to improve. We also give private lessons for absolute beginners, preparing them to start dancing in a Milonga and/or attend a group class. Our private classes can be arranged for individuals, couples or a small group of people.

Small group tango intensives
We also have designed packages which can be delivered as intensive day workshops.  These are especially useful for those dancers who might not have close access to high quality tango classes.  We tailor a package in order to provide a suitable dance learning schedule for tango, milonga and/or vals, or intensive technique workshops, according to your group's needs.   We can therefore arrange to visit your city to teach either one off intensive workshops or more regular weekly or monthly workshops, all at an affordable price and with the schedule created in discussion with you.  Additionally you will be able to choose your teachers from any of our resident teachers.

An example of a possible package is:
Intensive Workshop of 2h30 , with 20 minutes break included; for a minimum of 5 couples and maximum of 10 couples; of the topic of your choosing.
Price: £25 per person

Technique workshops 
Our intensive technique workshops are present a unique method for understanding technique, using a lot of conceptual explanations as well as detailed technique exercise and often some anatomical explanation. We have found certain ways of explaining and practicing both movements and body awareness which improve student's dancing significantly. Students will learn how to analyse and adjust their form of movement, posture and embrace in order to facilitate freedom of movement and expression in their tango dancing. These can be arranged as individual workshops or in a series, and be taught in any location in the UK to individuals, small or large groups. A large amount of information will be covered in each carefully planned session, synthesised from over 8 years of teaching experience and informed by studies of yoga, anatomy and classical dance.

Possible topics include:
Body Mechanics: Improving Balance, Embrace and Connection
Movement technique: Walking, Spaces and Disassociation
Follower's technique: Pivots, Turns and Embellishments

 Please contact us at to discuss further and to arrange dates and times.