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Live Wire Dance Studio, Liverpool



8:00pm - 9:00pm

A class suitable for all levels.

In this class we look closer at the mechanics of Tango and work to develop body-awareness through solo and partner exercises. Sequences are broken down in order to study the finer details of movement and connection in the dance: the "how".  

Exercises will always be adapted to the individual level of the student.


9:00pm - 10:00pm

An intermediate/advanced group class which will take your dance to a whole new level. Students are encouraged to start creating their own sequences and linking them with fluidity and musicality. Followers are taught to be more active in their own right, making for a deeper and more meaningful connection.  

Levels may vary within the class so the content is adapted and students are challenged depending on their ability.

  • £10 per person per class

  • £15 both classes

Payment by cash or card.



Giusy and Diego


Live Wire Dance Studio, 77a Renshaw St, Liverpool L1 2SJ, UK

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