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Connecting through dance 

The authentic Argentine Method.

Learn the art of Argentine Tango with professional instructors and join our welcoming and dynamic community. 

Our teachers travel across the UK to deliver expert tuition based on traditional methods that have lasted the test of time. We offer a range of classes to suit different levels and learning styles, as well as social dance events, holidays and more. 

View of the feet of two people dancing Tango

What we Do.

Two people dancing in the practice embrace in class, laughing


Our aim is to give you the tools and support that you need so that you can find joy and fulfilment in Tango.

Our classes range from complete beginner to advanced level. We offer a variety of options to suit your schedule, budget and learning style. Find group classes near you, or enhance your journey with private tuition from our expert teachers.

Social Dancing

Our Milongas (social dancing) are welcoming and friendly. Dancers of all levels come here to dance, including people from different cities across the UK and abroad. We encourage you to attend even if you are new to tango, as watching other dancers, socialising and listening to the music are good ways to deepen your appreciation and understanding of the dance. 

people dancing in an atmospheric milonga with eyes closed.
Corner street in La Boca, Buenos aires, at dusk.

Immersive Experiences

As you explore different cultures, your dance will become richer in ways that surpass mere technique. Whether you decide to dive into the nocturnal magic of Buenos Aires, or immerse yourself in intensive local weekend courses, we are certain that you will gain new insight into both Tango and your every day life. 


Our teachers travel to get to you. We currently offer classes in the following cities. Stay up to date with new class releases by subscribing to the newsletter!











Meet the team.

Dante Culcuy, director of Oxford Tango Academy, posing against a wall, smiling

Dante Culcuy

Teacher and Director

Dante started Argentine Tango in his home town, Jujuy, a province in the north of Argentina. There he studied ballet with his teacher Fulvia Chagra de Gruber and Andrei Kozlov (ex principle dancer of the Kiev Opera). Dante has been dancing Tango for over 18 years. He performed in many famous Milongas in Buenos Aires, before moving to the UK in 2008 where he started his own Tango School with his first partner Miriam Orcutt. The couple were invited to teach and perform in various countries of Europe, South America; North America, Asia and Africa. Dante and Miriam also participated in International Festivals such as Mallorca Tango Festival, Porto International Tango Festival, Ulverston Music Festival and the International Book Fair in Guadalajara as a cultural ambassador representing the UK with Aurora Orchestra. Dante is the organiser of the very successful Oxford Tango Festival, which is now in its seventh year and attracts dancers from across Europe. He is the director of two important Tango Schools in the UK: The Northern Tango Academy and the Oxford Tango Academy with professional resident maestros from Buenos Aires. Dante has been teaching tango for over fifteen years and has become recognised for his unique and in-depth teaching methods.
Dante Culcuy, director of Oxford Tango Academy, posing against a wall, smiling

Franco and Julia

Teachers in Nottingham

Franco and Julia are of Italian descent but spent most of their lives in the UK. They started dancing in 2010 with teachers Jose Fernández and Martina Waldman. They have since been dedicated students of Northern Tango Academy with teachers Dante Culcuy, Silvana Prieto and Matias Batista, Yanina Quinones and Neri Piliu, among others. They have created a network of new friends, teachers and students with the same passion for tango who have welcomed them in Oxford and Nottingham and places in the UK.
Dante Culcuy, director of Oxford Tango Academy, posing against a wall, smiling

Lilie Festa

Teacher and Director

Lilie is a teacher at Northern Tango Academy and partner to Dante. They manage the school together - they are the ones on the other side of emails and messages! Lilie studied Tango in Buenos Aires with teachers Andrès 'Tanguito' Cejas, Pablo Giorgini and Veronica Vasquez.
Dante Culcuy, director of Oxford Tango Academy, posing against a wall, smiling

Peter and Jane

Teachers in York

Jane and Peter live close to York and have been dancing Argentine tango for fifteen years. Prior to that they were salsa dancers and, when the mood takes them, still dance modern jive. For many years they took over the running of the TangoYork group which operated from the Guppy Community Centre in York, and it was during that period that they developed an enthusiasm for teaching beginners. They themselves were initially taught by Johann Legrand in Leeds and subsequently improves classes with professional Argentine teachers associated to the Northern Tango Academy. This dancers were Pablo and Veronica, Luchino and Celeste, Dante Culcuy and Lillie Festa, Giusy and Diego, Julian Vilardo and Andrea Kuna and finally Barbara Ferreyra, who become World Champion in 2022. Jane and Peter specialise in working with absolute beginners and work to a method of instruction approved by the Northern Tango Academy.
Dante Culcuy, director of Oxford Tango Academy, posing against a wall, smiling

Giusy and Diego

Resident Teachers

Diego Ledesma and Giusy Santoro are professional tango dancers with an extensive CV of shows and classes in Europe, Asia and South America. Their style and teaching experience combined with their warm personality make them very popular worldwide. It is an honour to have them as resident teachers at NTA!
Dante Culcuy, director of Oxford Tango Academy, posing against a wall, smiling

Orlando Faciano

Resident Teacher

Orlando Faciano first started learning Tango in his hometown in Northern Argentina, San Salvador de Jujuy. He has been teaching for over 10 years, and trained with many teachers in Buenos Aires, including Diego Durán and Mariana Sanchez, Aurora Lubiz, Alberto Gomberg, Graciela Cabrera, Pablo Etcheverry, Laura Murphy and Yuyú Herrera. He is the creator of La Otra Milonga in Buenos Aires, a popular outdoor Milonga in the city centre. Orlando also has a career teaching and performing Argentinian folklore dance, and has choreographed folklore shows for the Buenos Aires Broadway Theatre.

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