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Buenos Aires Tango Tour + Jujuy!

Buenos Aires is the Mecca of Tango. A very well known Tango master once said: "the person that doesn't know Buenos Aires doesn't know the Tango". We agree: Buenos Aires is a city where Tango is everywhere, from the moment you hear it playing in the taxi from the airport, to Tango shows in the theatres and Tango orchestras and dancers performing on street corners. In Buenos Aires you can live the Tango culture at any time and in many ways. That is why we are inviting our students: to share and show them part of our culture. In a city where you can find over 20 milongas per night, where the mixture of Italian, French, Spanish and English architecture meets and mixes with the sound of a bandoneon... it is magic! We have created a two-week trip to the birthplace of Tango - two weeks full of classes, milongas and sightseeing, two weeks to enjoy being surrounded by friends and making new ones, to dance until the early hours of the morning… you won't want to leave! We look forward to having you join us to discover the magic of tango in Buenos Aires!

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The tour includes: 

• Transfers In/Out (between the airport and your accommodation)
• 13 nights accommodation private room en-suite
• Entry to all Milongas with shows and live music included
• 14 Workshops with professional teachers selected by us
• Walking City Tours with a professional private tour guide
• Tango Shopping Tour (to choose tango clothes/suits and shoes)
• Welcoming Asado!

Covid Protected!

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Jujuy is one of the most beautiful provinces in Argentina. The famous Quebrada de Humahuaca has been declared a World Heritage by the Unesco- so it’s a must-see in Argentina! 
We have the option of organising horse riding and immersing ourselves in the authentic Gaucho culture. As you may know, Dante is a horse lover just like the rest of his Gaucho family. He is lending us his own horses, free of charge! In this way the holiday is more affordable, using the budget to enjoy comfortable, high
standard accommodation.
From novice to experienced rider, there will be a horse for everyone. For beginner horse riders, Dante will swap his tango shoes for riding boots and teach you to ride! He will also personally show you around his beautiful home region.

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